Update on CE/FCC and availability

Re Availability and FCC / CE certification process:

Glad to say that we’ve passed CE, FCC, and ROHS laboratory certification for our kits. We should get the certificates next week, or the week after.

A few small component changes are required (for ROHS - some lead in the usb component, and undesirable plastics in the red antenna covers and wires - all resolved by change of component supplier, and retested ok).

We are immediately going ahead with production of the next (big) batch. We’ll need certification numbers for the labels, but that can be done at the last stage (once modules have been produced), so timing should work out ok. Hopefully should have kits back in stock early June.

We have also been approached by a distributor in UK who would like to help with EU. Now that we have the certification, we can do that. More information once things there are finalized.

Regards, Mark

Note: only the kits (including modem) have certifications. The base module without modem is not certified, and the certificates for the kits do not apply.