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OVMS server

OVMS = Open Vehicles Monitoring System

This server is meant as an independant EU based alternative to the standard server api.openvehicles.com. The server is open for any OVMS user (not just Twizy drivers).


This service is offered strictly on a private base, free to use and without any warranty.

Any aspect of this service may be altered or discontinued without notice.

There is specifically no data security guarantee. The OVMS transmits data via V2 protocol with weak encryption ("paranoid mode" = RC4 encryption).

By using this service you agree that your stored data may be used by me for anonymous bug/crash analysis and usage statistics. Your data will never be forwarded by me to any third pary without your explicit consent.


I (Michael Balzer) have joined the OVMS developer team in 2012, my priority is the Twizy support.

I am a graduated computer scientist and owner of the web company expeedo. This web service is based on my web framework ShopDriver.

Server / Location

I rent this server via my company from Serverloft.de. Serverloft is a brand of Intergenia AG, which currently belongs to the Host Europe Group.

The server is located in Strasbourg (France), in the data center datadock.eu. The server is powered CO2 neutrally on 100% regenerative energy.


  1. Create a vehicle account from the left menu
  2. Car module:
    MODULE vehicle-login
    SERVER ovms.dexters-web.de vehicle-password
    (in case of DNS problems: SERVER
  3. App:
    Server address: ovms.dexters-web.de
    GCM sender ID: 1043773844049

Note: to be able to use the special GCM ID (for notifications) you need to use the Android App version 3.11.1 or later.

iOS notifications do not work from this server. You can configure notifications by email instead.