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OVMS Twizy Firmware V3.7.2 SIM808 update

(11.06.2016) Firmware: NOTE: from this release on the ZIP contains two HEX files, one for hardware V2.0 (SIM908) and one for the new V2.5 (SIM808). Flashing the wrong version does not harm the module, it just won't work as expected. Framework V2.8.6: - Support for [...]

OVMS Module V2.5 available

(08.06.2016) After two delays, hardware version 2.5 is finally available at Fasttech . The new version replaces V2, the Fasttech product page URL is the same as before — just like the price. Thanks for your patience! Background: OVMS module V2 End-of-Life

OVMS Android App V3.11.3

(25.03.2016) APK: Source: V3.11.3 (2016-03-25): - Added charger temperature - Added battery power limits to power chart - Update of chart library, axis label optimizations V3.11.2 (2016-01-04): - [...]

OVMS Twizy Firmware V3.7.2

(25.03.2016) Source: Firmware: Changes: see user guide tags "V3.7.2" Framework V2.8.5: - Support for hardware V2.5 (SIM808) - Support for separate charger temperature Twizy V3.7.2: - Command "CA?" now [...]

OVMS module V2 End-of-Life

(16.02.2016) Here's the official statement - or as close to official as Open Vehicles gets  We are aware of the upcoming decommissioning of 2G GPRS systems by some regional carriers. Today, there are millions of 2G M2M (machine-to-machine) devices in the field today, and it will take some time to upgrade [...]

OVMS Twizy firmware V3.7.1

(04.01.2016) Source: Firmware: Documentation: - Added developer hints on stack debugging and optimization Twizy 3.7.1: - New: CFG GET & SET: read/write complete profiles (base64 encoded) - CFG GET, [...]

OVMS server

(22.11.2015) OVMS = Open Vehicles Monitoring System Disclaimer This service is offered strictly on a private base, free to use and without any warranty. Any aspect of this service may be altered or discontinued without notice. There is specifically no data security guarantee. The OVMS transmits data via GPRS [...]

OVMS Twizy firmware V3.6.1

(12.10.2015) Source: Firmware: Changes: see tag "V3.6" in the user guide Twizy V3.6.0: - New: All power values now based on real battery power (current * voltage) - Battery current sums + min/max [...]

OVMS Android App V3.10.3

(16.04.2015) APK: Source: Note: this version needs the new Twizy module firmware 3.5.2 for the Twizy charts (battery & power/energy). V3.10.3 (2015-04-16): - Spanish translations V3.10.2 (2015-04-16): - Dutch [...]