MQTT Server

(07.05.2024) I now also provide a V3/MQTT hub additionally to the V2/MP server here. MQTT ("Server V3" in the module config) is currently meant as a supplement to the V2 server. It serves purely as a message hub for MQTT clients. For archivation of data, processing of push notifications, the web shell etc. you [...]

Firmware Release 3.3.004

(23.03.2024) Firmware version 3.3.004 is now available in "eap" and will be in "main" in about 7 days. Changes in this release: - MG EV Added support for MG5 (2020 - 2023) Short Range - MG EV Added support for MG ZS EV (2023 - ) and MG5 (2020 - 2023) Long Range - OVMS Server v3 metrics filtering New configs: [...]

Moved to a new Server

(03.03.2024) just moved to a new server. This of course as well applies to the OVMS server. If you already used the name to access the server, you don't need to change anything. If you want to or need to use the IP address, you need to change that now to the new IP: [...]

Firmware Release 3.3.003

(16.01.2023) Firmware 3.3.003 is now available in "main". I forgot to announce release 3.3.002 (03/2022), so I added the info on that here as well. 2022-09-01 MWJ 3.3.003 OTA release - Toyota RAV4 EV: Initial support added. Only the Tesla bus is decoded and just listening so far. - Location: configurable [...]

Fasttech no longer OVMS distributor

(24.11.2022) Fasttech sadly no longer sells OVMS products. The remaining official distributors are: Europe: Open Energy Monitor Shop (UK) America: Medlock and Sons We're looking for a new distributor for Asia Pacific customers. For RMA of components bought at Fasttech please raise a support ticket at [...]

Customs, Certificates & Manuals

(06.08.2022) There have been reports of issues with customs denying the import of new OVMS modules especially to Germany. This has been reported for deliveries from both UK and China. Example (german): The manufacturer (Open Vehicles Ltd.) is printed on the bottom label on every [...]

Firmware Release 3.2.018

(08.12.2021) Firmware 3.2.018 has been released to all users. This should be the last 3.2.x version update as we finalilse the 3.3.x release. 2021-11-22 MWJ 3.2.018 OTA release - Vehicle: added optional automatic trip report generation Details: https [...]

OVMS v3.3 certification passed

(09.11.2021) Good news regarding v3.3 certification : I am overjoyed to be able to report that we sailed through certification, with no changes required to our design. CE, and FCC. Bluetooth, wifi, GPS, 2G, 3G, 4G, ROHS, and EMC. It will take another couple of weeks to get the paperwork through, but the hurdle [...]

Urgent: SSL update

(28.09.2021) The root certificate for Let's Encrypt expires on September 30, 2021. This is used by the OVMS module to validate the encryption for and potentially other web sites and services. Note: this affects only encrypted connections of the module to servers. Unencrypted connections will [...]

Firmware Release 3.2.016

(05.03.2021) Today, we are pleased to release v3.2.016 to the early access repository (eap). The main release will follow in about 1-2 weeks. A summary of the major changes is here: - New vehicle: VW e-Up via OBD-II Port (VWUP.OBD) - New vehicle: MG ZS EV via OBD-II Port (MGEV) - New vehicle: BMW i3/i3s via OBD [...]