OVMS V3 Zeitplan

Gute Nachrichten zur V3: die Entwicklermodule werden in etwa einer Woche unterwegs sein. Die erste Produktion ist für November geplant.


No major problems found on the RC1 hardware, and the SIMCOM SIM5360 modem is now working well. Just a few minor layout improvements.

So I just gave the go-ahead for the first small pre-production run of OVMS v3 hardware. 10 sets for developers. I should have them in a week or so. As I said before:

If you are interested in helping out with development / porting vehicle support, and want one of these early boards, please could you eMail me personally to mark@webb-johnson.net with the following details:

  • Contact eMail address
  • Full name
  • Postal address
  • Postal contact telephone number
  • What area of the firmware are you willing to help out with
  • Whether you want a prototype 3D printed case now (or we can send injection moulded case later when ready)
  • Whether you want a modem board now, your preference for 3G or 4G, and if so what 3G AND 4G frequency ranges your cellular provider uses

    (That is private information, so please don’t reply to this mailing list - send to me privately).

I am not sure what the pricing will be (I’ll confirm nearer the time), so nothing committed yet; just trying to get an indication of interest. I am tying to arrange some sponsorship for this, for the first few boards to go free to developers who have done the most for the project; so if you can commit to do something specific, please let me know.

Once those boards go out to developers, my plan is to wait a month to ensure that no problems are found and we can get some basic functionality in the firmware similar to v2 basic capabilities (using v2 protocols and v2 apps). Assuming no hardware problems are found in that time, I’ll then push the button to start a first full production run of 100 to 200 sets.

Regards, Mark.