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OVMS Twizy firmware V3.7.1

Source: https://github.com/openvehicles/Open-Vehicle-Monitoring-System/ Firmware: http://dexters-web.de/f/tw/OVMS-Twizy-3.7.1.zip Documentation: - Added developer hints on stack debugging and optimization Twizy 3.7.1: - New: CFG GET & SET: read/write complete profiles (base64 encoded) - CFG GET, SET, INFO & SAVE can be used "offline" (w/o SEVCON access) - CFG RESET n = reset EEPROM profile (w/o SEVCON access) - Code size and stack depth optimization - Frequent CFG errors reported human-readable - Button reset result notification now sent via IP/SMS - Client utility "cfgconv" to convert SEVCON profiles to/from base64 Framework: - Fixed base64decode(), removed bug workarounds - base64encode(): return pointer to end of base64 string - New net_assert_caller(): check caller, fallback to REGPHONE - net_put RAM redirection now uses net_buf[] - Code cleanup, size and stack depth optimization - Fix: stack overflow/underflow flags cleared after crash - Perl diagmode clients: missing license info added CFG GET/SET: CFG GET [n] get (download) profile base64 encoded CFG SET [n] [base64data] set (upload) profile from base64 encoded string with: n = 1..3: from EEPROM else: from current working set Hint: to avoid confusion with profile #0, don't use n=0 to address the working set. Better use "-" or "ws" (translates to 0), i.e. CFG GET - CFG SET - ... or CFG GET WS CFG SET WS ... Use the "cfgconv" utility to convert base64 to text or vice versa. "cfgconv" online: http://dexters-web.de/cfgconv