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OVMS-Modul V2.5 End-of-Life / V3 Zeitplan

Info von Mark zum Stand v2.5 / v3:

I’m on v3 full time now, talking to the guys in China to try to get the board design validated and first small batch made. All the pieces are ready (last problem of flash size seems to have been resolved, and we have a suggested way to run an external flash bypassing internal one on the WROOM-32 module). Everything works on an individual basis - the question now is just if it will all work when put together into a single board.

We will have workable development boards in May, and hopefully the first production run can be in late June.

For firmware, I have the structure working ok. I’m using v1/v2 compatible protocol drivers at the moment so that we can still support the old Apps and Server. My idea is to just come up with a v1/v2 compatible firmware first, and then later on extend that to MQTT.

I do have about six v2 new modules left in my own stock. If anybody wants those (particularly developers), I can arrange.

So, I think v3 is close enough, particular for development purposes. Minimum order for v2 is 100 modules, and it just didn’t seem worthwhile re-ordering those given how close v3 is now.

D.h. es wird jetzt keine neue v2.5-Produktion mehr geben, außer jemand übernimmt das finanzielle Risiko für die Mindestproduktionsmenge von 100 Stück.

v3 kann aber schon in ca. 3 Monaten verfügbar sein wenn alles klappt.

Nur für Entwickler (aktuell ist Zoe-Support in Vorbereitung) gibt es noch eine Handvoll v2-Reservemodule, diese sollen sich direkt an Mark wenden.