OVMS Twizy Firmware V3.7.2

Source: https://github.com/openvehicles/Open-Vehicle-Monitoring-System/ Firmware: http://dexters-web.de/f/tw/OVMS-Twizy-3.7.2.zip Changes: see user guide tags "V3.7.2" Framework V2.8.5: - Support for hardware V2.5 (SIM808) - Support for separate charger temperature Twizy V3.7.2: - Command "CA?" now shows SOC ETR if range ETR is zero - CAN write control bitmap - Motor and PEM temperatures fixed - Charger temperature added CAN write control (feature 15) bitmap: 1 = enable CAN write access 2 = disable emergency RESET by D/R buttons 4 = disable kickdown 8 = disable battery auto power adjustments Example: enable CAN write access (1), disable kickdown (4): 1+4 = 5 => FEATURE 15 5 The charger temperature was missing in the framework, is now available within log records "D" and "RT-PWR-Log", and can be queried using command "TEMPS?". The new Android App release also displays it. Changes in temperature sensor interpretation: - Sensor 0x196 Byte 6 = was - => now: motor - Sensor 0x59e Byte 6 = was motor => now: PEM/controller - Sensor 0x597 Byte 8 = was PEM/controller => now: charger Thanks to Pascal (edriver) and Frank (Grossstadtfahrer) for the new findings about temperatures and sensors!