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OVMS Android App V3.10.3

APK: http://dexters-web.de/f/tw/oVMS-release-3.10.3.apk Source: https://github.com/openvehicles/Open-Vehicle-Android Note: this version needs the new Twizy module firmware 3.5.2 for the Twizy charts (battery & power/energy). V3.10.3 (2015-04-16): - Spanish translations V3.10.2 (2015-04-16): - Dutch & french translations V3.10.1 (2015-04-14): - Power chart: added zooms to last 5/10 km/mi - Power chart: added info/help text + german translations - Fixed options menu handling - Fixed power chart menu labels for Android 2.3 - Database upgrade bugfix (thanks to https://github.com/anhr) V3.10.0 (2015-04-12): - Temperature unit "Fahrenheit" selectable (car options menu, thanks to https://github.com/frantek) - Locale updates (thanks to https://github.com/jilleb) - Twizy: power & energy usage history charts (screenshot attached) - Twizy: battery history updated for firmware 3.5.2 - Twizy: battery history settings now saved in app prefs - MPAndroidChart lib version 2.0.9